Afera hits 5,000 Twitter followers, expands adhesive tape market through product designers and mechanical engineers
Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, announced today that its Design that sticks: scanning the web for next product design
Afera Marketing focus for 2019-2020
Afera’s Marketing Committee (MKC) is composed of marketing and industry specialists with the mission to grow the tape market for all companies in the European adhesive tape value chain, including commodity and specialty tape manufacturers. What’s new I would like to consider 2019 as a new start: new values and new ways of doing things within the Association. As we laid out in our Steering Committee strategy session this year, we should challenge ourselves to raise the bar for ambition, quality and excellence. In addition to a sharper vision and mission, we have identified activities that contribute to our overarching objective: making the tape business future-proof.
Professionalization through certification in the recycling industry

For many years, Lejeune has been providing management support and secretarial services to various sector organisations in the recycling industry, including the Federation of the Dutch Wastepaper Industry FNOI, the Metal Recycling Federation MRF, t...

Afera sets new future-proof strategy for 2018-2025
Through the use of a dream- and nightmare scenario creation process, the incoming 7-Member Steering Committee has set the course for the Association’s mission, vision, goals and strategy for the next 5-7 years, as was reported by Melanie Lack, business manager of tapes and labels at H.B. Fuller. Following the General Assembly on Day 1 of the working programme, Ms. Lack, who has been a SC member for a year, walked Athens Conference participants through the SC’s decision taken at Afera’s 2018 Conference in Turin to move Afera strategically and steadfastly into the future with a renewed agenda.
FINAT launches the European Label Forum
FINAT has reshaped and rebranded its annual congress to reflect greater industry collaboration and cooperation. Under its new name, the European Label Forum (ELF) will take place June 11-13 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Purchase of collective website project for Lejeune organisations
15 client organisations managed by Lejeune have made use of the advantages gained from the collective acquisition of a master website by Streamlined. Lejeune has had a website framework developed which incorporates all the functionalities and requirements expected of websites nowadays.