Communications essential for successful events
At FINAT, the worldwide association for the label industry, the social media channels, the website and the content for blogs is being managed and maintained by our community manager. By creating a communications plan around a congress, the various target groups are being informed periodically and receive custom information on the event. This structured way of working is also implemented at other international associations such as RadTech Europe.
Annual FINAT conference: a big success
Lejeune Association Management organises the annual conference for FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry. The event attracts around 250 delegates and is organised by Lejeune from A-Z. Next to the full administration and communications process, Lejeune also provides useful input on a strategic level and for the content of the programme.
Afera’s content marketing project creates awareness
With the goal of growing the market for tapes by appealing to product designers and mechanical engineers who are not yet aware of the use of tape as a bonding solution, Afera, under management of Lejeune, began exploring the possibilities, opportunities and necessity of developing its online presence in 2012.
Optimisation of online communication streams
With all the online traffic it is vital that organisations make sure they are heard on this communication channel. End-users eagerly looking for answers to their questions are often unsuccessful in finding the scarce information on various industries online. Lejeune helps its trade associations to optimise their online communication media.
Online community offers virtual extension of label association FINAT
An association would like its members to reap as much benefit from their membership as possible. In practice, often only the primary and secondary contacts in member companies are aware of the advantages offered by the Association, while in the case of FINAT, the entire member company can benefit.
Young Managers Club helps young executives to develop their management skills FINAT
FINAT, the trade association for the industry of self adhesive labels, has a special club for managers to 40 years. Many members of FINAT, are family owned companies, in each of which a new generation takes over. To support them in their management role the Young Managers Club organizes regular summits and seminars on various management topics.