New Technical Handbook FINAT testmethodes 10t edition
In September 2019, the 10th edition of the FINAT Technical Handbook was introduced at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels. This handbook is globally acknowledged as being the authoritative benchmark on test procedures for self-adhesive labels.
Afera sets new future-proof strategy for 2018-2025
Through the use of a dream- and nightmare scenario creation process, the incoming 7-Member Steering Committee has set the course for the Association’s mission, vision, goals and strategy for the next 5-7 years, as was reported by Melanie Lack, business manager of tapes and labels at H.B. Fuller. Following the General Assembly on Day 1 of the working programme, Ms. Lack, who has been a SC member for a year, walked Athens Conference participants through the SC’s decision taken at Afera’s 2018 Conference in Turin to move Afera strategically and steadfastly into the future with a renewed agenda.
FINAT launches the European Label Forum
FINAT has reshaped and rebranded its annual congress to reflect greater industry collaboration and cooperation. Under its new name, the European Label Forum (ELF) will take place June 11-13 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.