Labelexpo Europe 2019 tradeshow in Brussel
Lejeune has an initiating and facilitating role for FINAT and its members. The development of strategic projects and membership programs, with both an advisory and executive role, including conferences of or tradeshows like LabelExpo Europe 2019. It is a Global event; 140 countries were represented by more than 37.000 attendees. FINAT was one of the 733 exhibitors. Lejeune's Finat team is looking back at a great event, as you can See watching the after movie
Afera Annual Conference 2019 is a resounding success
The European adhesive tape Association’s premier annual event 2019 took place in October at the Pestana Palace Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, boasting the highest attendance rate ever.
Afera European adhesive tape industry 62nd annual conference October 2019
Cueing in on the war for talent and the next-generation workforce Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, announced the launch of its 62nd Annual Conference, the premier yearly event for the European tape business, taking place at the Pestana Palace Hotel. Along with key topics on the management agendas of all future-focussed Afera member companies, “the war for talent” and the next-generation workforce will be of particular focus at the Lisbon event.
Winners of the #Labelicious competition presented during Labelexpo Europe 2019
During Labelexpo Europe 2019 in Brussels, FINAT presented the winners of the #Labelicious competition. This competition was launched by FINAT in 2018, at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the European label association. The project was developed in response to the growing need of all companies in the European label industry, to attract next-generation talents in design, engineering, and product development.
FINAT's European Label Forum 2019: It's all about connecting ideas
FINAT’s fifth European Label Forum, held in Copenhagen in June 2019, was an outstanding success. 250 business leaders from the label industry came together to network...
FINAT launches the European Label Forum
FINAT has reshaped and rebranded its annual congress to reflect greater industry collaboration and cooperation. Under its new name, the European Label Forum (ELF) will take place June 11-13 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.