New Technical Handbook FINAT testmethodes 10t edition
In September 2019, the 10th edition of the FINAT Technical Handbook was introduced at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels. This handbook is globally acknowledged as being the authoritative benchmark on test procedures for self-adhesive labels.
Afera Marketing focus for 2019-2020
Afera’s Marketing Committee (MKC) is composed of marketing and industry specialists with the mission to grow the tape market for all companies in the European adhesive tape value chain, including commodity and specialty tape manufacturers. What’s new I would like to consider 2019 as a new start: new values and new ways of doing things within the Association. As we laid out in our Steering Committee strategy session this year, we should challenge ourselves to raise the bar for ambition, quality and excellence. In addition to a sharper vision and mission, we have identified activities that contribute to our overarching objective: making the tape business future-proof.