Elke Verbaarschot interviewed for Labels and Labeling in the young managers series.
Elke Verbaarschot, Association & Relation Manager at Lejeune and Marketing & Communication Manager for FINAT was interviewed in an edition of the young manager series by Jordan Hart, online editor within Labels and Labeling.
March 17 2022 - 2nd edition of the National Recycling Congress
The 2nd edition of the National Recycling Congress will take place on Thursday 17 March 2022. This event will be held at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague.
Interview FINAT president Chris Ellison handing over the FINAT presidency to Philippe Voet
More than 50 years ago Mans Lejeune, founder of Lejeune Association Management started working for and with FINAT. After Lejeune sr. retired in 2002 his son Jules Lejeune took over as Managing Director, but four years earlier he also took over the FINAT account. There is a long history and partnership between FINAT and Lejeune.
5 certainties of being affiliated to Lejeune Association Management
Associations, foundations and other non-profit organisations may choose not to run the management and operation of their organisation on their own, but to outsource this to a specialised professional company.
Angela Ashruf works 20 years at Lejeune Association Management!
Today is exactly 20 years since our colleague Angela joined Lejeune!!! For 20 years she has been helping associations with their administration, organizing meetings and events, as well as providing support in various projects such as packaging compet...
FINAT - The Online European Label Forum 2021 -Jules Lejeune presents 'Associations Matters'

FINAT invites the Label Community to reconnect online with the perfect package of activities for networking and learning.

FINAT - The Online European Label Forum 2021. A week-long forum and festival of events taking stock of the past ...