Blog Jules Lejeune: Letter to posterity
At the Lejeune Branch Day 2023 on 30 March last, the documentary 'The Decade of Action' was screened in which politicians, corporate CEOs and scientists give their views on the role the private sector can play in reducing our impact on the climate. In the film, they are asked to write a letter to their great-grandchildren and read pieces from it.
BLOG - Crossing Borders
Over the past few years, I have repeatedly referred to the election of the 'Word of the Year', as this is simply a convenient stepping-stone for the 'Story of Year 20XX'. The winner of 2022 has meanwhile been announced, but my word is without a doubt the word BORDER.
Interview with Bauke van der Molen Kuipers, Chairman of Royal Kartoflex and Folding Carton Platform
Bauke van der Molen Kuipers is chairman not of one trade association but of two: Royal Kartoflex and Folding Carton Platform. He has held this position for five years alongside his position as director of production (a.i.) and his work as a pastor for the religious-humanist faith community in his hometown Hilversum. In this interview, Bauke talks about his life, his career and his work for these industry organisations.
Our DNA in the International Association
How will national and international associations relate to each other in the future? For their December 2021 edition, the Dutch magazine for association professionals VM asked this question to Jules Lejeune. He looks at Europe.
Christmas Blog Jules Lejeune: Fact of Life in the 2020s
The integration of Covid19 is on schedule. We are now at wave 5. The corona waves have been given an alphabetical name by analogy with the hurricanes. In the meantime we are ready for wave Omikron
Three questions for Gerard Nijssen, president of the Trade Association FNOI
We asked Gerard Nijssen three questions about his motivation for becoming president, what legacy he wants to leave behind and how he motivates the board and committees to achieve the goals.