Our DNA in the International Association

Posted on: How will national and international associations relate to each other in the future? For their December 2021 edition, the Dutch magazine for association professionals VM asked this question to Jules Lejeune. He looks at Europe.

Reflecting on a bigger pie

Posted on: I was recently reminded of an article entitled 'Creating a Bigger Pie' from 2010 that I had the pleasure of co-authoring. It was published on the occasion of the ASAE Congress

5 certainties of being affiliated to Lejeune Association Management

Posted on: Associations, foundations and other non-profit organisations may choose not to run the management and operation of their organisation on their own, but to outsource this to a specialised professional company

The Year of Truth

Posted on: The year that started with high expectations, at the beginning of a promising decade, ends with another lockdown. 2020 did not come out of the twilight, its sound silenced behind the mouthpiece. Was it really real? Or was it just imagination?

2020: the year that itself took a Sabbatical

Posted on: Summer 2020. The first semester of the new decade is over. And what a semester! 'The Virus' grabbed us by the throat at the beginning of this year, both literally and figuratively, and hasn't let go since then. We pant collectively.....

Association professionals – a critical species in the corona crisis

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