Association Management Part 2 – The 1960s: The Boom Period

Posted on: Increasing European Orientation - In the previous blog, I discussed post-war reconstruction. After the destruction and trauma experienced during World War II, it was necessary to rebuild national societies from the ground up and revive the institutions and structures that had been halted by the occupiers. In the 1960s, the focus shifted towards European cooperation.

VM magazine - Transition: how do you get the Association moving?

Posted on: Companies are working through their industry organizations on sustainability by collaborating, with examples from the carton sector (Kartoflex) and the transport sector (Paychecked). Both cases illustrate crucial conditions for successful changes using the Sustainability Matrix. This article in VM magazine is a follow-up to the Lejeune Branch Day with the theme 'From Sustainable Thinking to Sustainable DOING' (see VM 2023-2). Special thanks to Jules and Luc Lejeune for their input and to Hans van Schaik for proofreading.

Association Management in times of turbulent change- The 1940s-50s

Posted on: Welcome to the blog celebrating the 60th anniversary of Lejeune. In the lead-up to the anniversary conference on Thursday, October 31, we will present a series of blog posts over the coming months, highlighting the six decades of Lejeune Association Management.

7 characteristics of industry and professional associations leading the change

Posted on: Bert van Loon interviewed the jury members (in Dutch) de juryleden of the Mans Lejeune Award 2024. Below are the 7 key characteristics they are looking for, which might help with your application preparations.

Meet our new colleague: Thara van Giezen

Posted on: Our team is growing alongside our client portfolio! In April, we welcomed Thara van Giezen to our team. Thara brings a wealth of experience and is a valuable addition to our team of management assistants.

Launch of the Lejeune Sustainability Matrix

Posted on: Are you ready to move from sustainable thinking to ACTION within your industry association? Lejeune Association Management proudly introduces the Lejeune Sustainability Matrix – The policy tool for your organisation in the sustainable transition.

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