Afera Annual Conference 2019 is a resounding success

The European adhesive tape Association’s premier annual event 2019 took place in October at the Pestana Palace Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, boasting the highest attendance rate ever. 10 intriguing future-focussed presentations, numerous networking opportunities and a beautiful location in one of Europe’s accessible and inspiring cities.

“I keep saying it every year, but it is true: This is one of the best Annual Conferences Afera has ever put on!” reported Evert Smit, Afera President and Head of R&D at Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG. “Firstly, the event showed that there are a lot of topics and issues moving in the adhesive tape industry, and we were able to harness them for this event. And as Afera does, we will continue to build on them. Secondly, the human factor was secured, because we are a family—this group behaves like a family.” 

Lejeune has an initiating and facilitating role for Afera and its members. The development of strategic projects and membership programs, with both an advisory and executive role, including conferences, are core competencies of Lejeune. 

Read more about the Conference on the Afera website