Afera European adhesive tape industry 62nd annual conference October 2019

Cueing in on the war for talent and the next-generation workforce

Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, announced the launch of its 62nd Annual Conference, the premier yearly event for the European tape business, taking place at the Pestana Palace Hotel. Along with key topics on the management agendas of all future-focussed Afera member companies, “the war for talent” and the next-generation workforce will be of particular focus at the Lisbon event.

Role Lejeune Association management

Astrid Lejeune, Advisor Association Manager at Lejeune and Secretary General of Afera has an initiating and facilitating role for Afera and its members. The development of strategic projects and membership programs, with both an advisory and executive role, including conferences, are core competencies of Lejeune.

More information? Download the press release on the Afera website