Optimisation of online communication streams

With all the online traffic it is vital that organisations make sure they are heard on this communication channel. End-users eagerly looking for answers to their questions are often unsuccessful in finding the scarce information on various industries online. Lejeune helps its trade associations to optimise their online communication media. A community manager has been appointed at FINAT to drive the necessary improvements. The FINAT navigation system has been redeveloped and the design has been given a facelift making current information easier for visitors and members to find (www.finat.com). Furthermore, a social media plan has been established that can be monitored using predefined KPIs. With the aid of a content calendar, members will be encouraged to provide contributions to the information and share knowledge using blogs and by making whitepapers, presentations and videos available.

Certain things have also changed at RadTech Europe, the European association for UV and Electron Beam radiation curing. The association’s website has been transformed into an online knowledge centre that functions as a source of information for the visitor (see www.radtech-europe.com ). By continually monitoring the online communications it will be easier for an association to decide which resource to apply for a specific message.

These optimisations will demonstrate their value after a year, considering there will be more visible online activity and, not in the least, because more members will have got to know the association and registered themselves on the website.