[Project] WOW cardboard campaign, new branding and new website for the Folding Cardboard Platform.

The primary goal of the Folding Cardboard Platform is the promotion of folding cardboard. For this purpose, the WOW cardboard campaign was launched last year to bring the strong features of folding carton to the attention of a wide audience. This called for a new branding, a fresh look with lots of photo material and less text, but also for an optimal Customer Journey to emphasize the advantages of folding carton. This is done by highlighting the versatile, innovative and sustainable properties of folding carton and highlighting 'user cases', and by using members as (social media) ambassadors. Interested members can even download WOW Cardboard campaign badges to use in their own media expressions.

WOW campaign folding board

Social media

Erik Timmermans was involved in the development and creation of the website. He provides the social media content and news for the Folding Cardboard Platform: "In a short time we have achieved a doubling of followers on Linkedin and Twitter. We need to continue this trend. With the site and social media, we want to inspire a wide audience and keep them informed of the possibilities and sustainable properties of folding carton'.

Next steps

Soon we will start writing show cases about products of and cooperation between members and their customers. Members are asked to send us photos of beautiful packaging they have come across or developed themselves. We share these online on the website and our Social Media channels. The platform is there for members, but also successful by the members who contribute': says Hans van Schaik, Director Folding Cardboard Platform. 

Central purchasing

At Lejeune, we have hosted most of our customers' websites with one hosting party and website builder. They think along with us and can quickly respond to changes. By centralizing everything, we can offer our associations a purchasing advantage. The uniformity provides many benefits, several employees are familiar with the management, so there is hardly any lead time for maintenance or news updates. At the same time, the website of Folding Cardboard can have its own look and feel.

Role of Lejeune

The Vouwkarton team with Hans van Schaik, (advisor association management and director), Cora van der Lek, (financial administration) Angela Ashruf (management assistant), has an advisory, initiating and facilitating role for the Vouwkarton Platform and its members. Developing strategic projects, marketing activities and advocacy, in both an advisory and executive role, are core competencies of Lejeune.


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