Purchase of collective website project for Lejeune organisations

15 client organisations managed by Lejeune have made use of the advantages gained from the collective acquisition of a master website by Streamlined. Lejeune has had a website framework developed which incorporates all the functionalities and requirements expected of websites nowadays. This provides Lejeune’s trade organisations with cost-benefits, and associations don’t have to figure it out for themselves. Lejeune has established a centralised wish-list for trade associations and found the right suppler for the project. The associations have maintained their own look and feel.

For the majority of the organisations, Lejeune has defined the conceptual structure for the new website based on the trade association’s communication plan. After which content was compiled, edited and integrated in the new website. The master website is available for other industry organisations that wish to join the project. The website platform uses the open source CMS Modx.