Every year Lejeune’s Finat team publishes a yearbook. This year a special edition: 60 years celebration

Jules Lejeune, MD of Lejeune Association an MD of FINAT writes in a blog on the Finat website: ‘it seems only like last year that we celebrated our Golden Jubilee in the city of our birth, Paris, back in 2008, when FINAT’s commemorative 50th anniversary book ‘United in Labels’ was published. An editorial team of four Honorary FINAT Members -- Mans LejeuneRon SpringMike Fairley, and Tony White -- had spent the preceding year researching and documenting the rich history of the label industry in Europe and its pan-European trade association FINAT’.

Sadly, two of these four musketeers are no longer with us today, but the fruit of their work offers a lasting memory of our organisation.

A wonderful experience

Having been in office since 1998 myself, two tasks were assigned to me by the team. The first was to complete the last decade of the association’s 50-year storyline: the transition from the 20th to the 21st century. It was a wonderful experience to review and reflect on these ten years, on the learning curve that FINAT had experienced during this transition, and the impact on me personally. It made me proud to have been given the opportunity to serve this GREAT organisation, and to succeed my own father in the role he had performed since 1969.

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