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Lejeune Association Management organises multiple events for its clients. From board and committee meetings to small-scale workshops where dozens of participants are present, from one-day or multi-day seminars and congresses to trade fair participation in different parts of the world for hundreds of members.

How do we constantly offer our clients excellent event management? How do we ensure an optimal 'event experience'? How do we ensure the right mix of networking opportunities, information exchange and learning experiences.

We provide this by using feedback from various sources: 360° feedback. We set high standards. Not only in execution, also in the implementation of improvements concerning content, interaction, network experiences and other signals of relevance.

4 developments

 As an association management agency, we notice 4 developments:

  1. Consolidation of the market results in a decrease of participants for events.
  2. An increase in event organisers of knowledge events, such as media companies, research and educational institutions, suppliers with their own 'customer events' and the various possibilities that can be attended online.
  3. Intensification of marketing activities to generate exposure for an event. There are a lot of events to choose from. As a result, decisions are postponed, which means that the lead time for registrations is becoming shorter.
  4. The demand for new meetings formats is increasing. The need for interaction through dialogue and discussion is rising. The use of technology enabling this such as voting tools, pre-event workshops, livestreams and the use of event apps enables direct interaction between participants. All this is increasing the community experience around the event.

 Member insights

Lejeune consults her clients in formulating the concrete member insights. Together with board members of the industry association and the committees, these insights are translated into a plan.

How do we generate these customer insights?

Standard procedure is to request feedback from our members that did participate, but also from members who chose not to attend. On site at the events we receive feedback, from participants and other stakeholders. This qualitative feedback gives us the opportunity to adjust the event strategy for the long term and the short term.

Feedback and monitoring trends



Organising annual events for our clients is an ongoing process that is related to the daily activities of the client. We continuously carry out adjustments and improvements based on the feedback received and years of experience. The two most important elements are content and networking. It is important to know how these two elements are experienced during and after the event. By asking for feedback and monitoring trends in our field of work, we always ensure our clients the best in class events. The power of 360° feedback

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