Office management

Managing your trade association isn’t a matter of a ‘little job on the side’. Setting up your own secretariat or a finance department often isn’t feasible, but also unaffordable. Outsourcing the daily management of your organisation therefore offers a perfect solution. Definitely from a financial point of view, as we’ll be able to offer you a ‘full-time service’ at a ‘part-time fee’.

Research has shown that: ‘not being stressed or hassled by staff’ is the number one reason for trade associations to outsource their management and support. [link to the blog] Lejeune’s services are therefore a perfect solution, as they’ll gladly take away all the stress and hassle associated with having your own back office.

  • Board and committee support

    In addition to the management policy and advice, our customer teams will support your management team and committees with the execution of their primary tasks. This is done at various different levels, such as preparing for, organising, taking minutes during, booking and following up of meetings and events.
  • Member administration and finance

    Each customer team has very experienced employees who are ready to keep your member and financial administration up-to-date on a daily basis. This includes communication, periodic reporting and the required analysis to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Online services ICT & Facility management

    Your decision to outsource your activities means we will be taking over your online activities, ICT and facility management. We can offer this service at very competitive rates, as we collectively purchase and enter into agreements with specialised companies.