About us

We specialise in managing trade associations in small and medium sized businesses. We work with and for trade associations with 50 - >500 members. Our strength lies in strategy, project management and office management. We are your (industry) partner from a substantive and organisational perspective and for daily support. We are ‘at the heart of your trade association’.

58 years of family culture

Mans Lejeune founded ‘Bureau Le Jeune’ on 1st November 1964. The company started out as a one-man business with a secretarial and lobbying function for a small number of European associations. The company quickly developed into a full-service secretarial agency for national and European trade associations. Mans was succeeded by his son Jules in 2002. A new Director and expansion of the activities meant it was also time for a new name and so ‘Lejeune Association Management’ was born. Lejeune embodies the family culture of loyalty, involvement and flexibility with a small, experienced team of employees and partners, which is so typical for small and medium sized businesses and the associations which represent these companies.

Industries and sectors

We are well represented in the packaging, recycling and process industry, but we have also developed our expertise up to a very professional level in the field of trade, service provision and sector certifications. We can provide our trade associations and their members with added value with our knowledge and experience. We continuously develop, implement and analyse new concepts for our sectors. This allows us to quickly indicate what works and what doesn’t work, but it also means we can identify opportunities for the sectors we are active in.

Our team

Our team consists of 17 enthusiastic professionals, who work for 25 trade associations in the field of strategy, project management and office management on a daily basis. We do this with, what we refer to as: a customer team. Each client has its own team, which can consist of association managers, relationship managers and supporters; all with their own specific areas of expertise. This allows us to offer a ‘full service’ at a ‘part-time fee’. Would you like to find out what one of our teams could do for your association? Then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our association management managers.

Our services


• Representation of interests
• Management policy and project advice
• Marketing & Communication

Project Management

• Conferences and Events
• Industry Collaborations
• Certifications and sector programmes

Office Management

• Management support
• Members administration and finance
• Online services, ICT & Facility Management