Code of Practice

As a former member of the Association Management Companies section of the European umbrella organisation for association professionals ESAE, our company has subscribed to the 'Code of Practice' set up by this organisation. Although the section has now been disbanded, we still support the Code.


An Association Management Company is a formally established, independent, commercial enterprise or department within such enterprise, which specialises in the provision of managerial and administrative support services to associations.

Good practice

As a professional Association Management Company, Lejeune Association Management adheres to the following principles of good practice:

  1. Independence. Lejeune shall at all times maintain full managerial and strategic independence from its clients.

  2. Avoidance of Conflict of interest. Lejeune shall not enter into contractual relations with any client which might compromise or conflict with the interests of an existing client without the formal prior approval of the existing client.

  3. Contracts. Lejeune is contractually committed to its client associations. Contracts should be clear and describe what is to be expected from our company. The content of the assignment and the conditions governing its implementation shall be clearly established. The fees that are declared are either based on the time and costs incurred in performing the assignment or at fixed fees. The contract must be in accordance with the relevant legislation.

  4. Ownership and title. Lejeune shall make no claim to the ownership or title of any documents, files and records maintained on behalf of a client. Provided that the client has fulfilled its contractual obligations, on the termination of a contract all such data shall be speedily and efficiently disposed of in accordance with the client's wishes.

  5. Quality assurance. Lejeune shall maintain the highest ethical standard in the professional work undertaken, and in matters relating to a client's affairs act solely in the interests of the client. Lejeune shall employ staff who are suitably qualified and experienced to fulfill the range of tasks and services required by the clients and will constantly improve the quality of its services and effectiveness of staff through a continuing programme of appropriate training, education and staff development.

  6. Confidentiality. All confidential information received by Lejeune in the normal execution of its contractual duties shall be treated as such and used only for the benefit of the client concerned. Lejeune shall exercise due regard for current laws on privacy and data protection and shall undertake to do everything possible to prevent the undesired exploitation of membership lists and associated information.

  7. Professional integrity. Lejeune shall not offer any information that is known or suspected to be misleading or incorrect. Lejeune shall refrain from making misleading or inaccurate claims about the company, its staff and/or related performance records. Lejeune shall accept full legal and moral responsibility for the quality of its services and the professional actions and activities of its staff.

ISO 9001

Lejeune is ISO 9001:2015 certified by EIK certification, a certifier for knowledge-intensive services.

ISO 9001

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