3 questions to Paul Kelly, president RadTech Europe

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3 questions to Paul Kelly, president RadTech Europe

RadTech Europe is the trade association for UV/EB technology. It is their mission to protect and promote the reputation of UV/EB technology through objective and transparent knowledge sharing. More than 100 companies operating in this industry in 20 different countries are united in RadTech Europe. Paul Kelly, consultant at Luxsit Ltd., living and working in Manchester (UK) became RadTech Europe’s president in the middle of 2019. We ask him for his motivation to become president, the legacy he wants to leave behind and how he motivates the members and committees to achieve the goals.

3 questions to Paul Kelly, president RadTech Europe 

1)    What is your reason/motivation for becoming president of RadTech Europe?

Paul Kelly: ‘I was already involved in three RadTech committees and I was working closely with the former president of RadTech Europe and the RadTech committee chairs. I had worked for 38 years in energy curing, so it seemed like the right thing to do. Another relevant argument for myself was that my job, back then, allowed me time to take on the role. Since I took on the Presidency, I have set up my own business and can still allocate time for RadTech.' 

2)    What do you want to leave behind at the end of your presidency?

Paul Kelly: ‘First I would like see a growth in memberships. Because if we grow, we do something right. Secondly, I would like to connect players in all parts of our value chains, from Raw material to consumer. We need to become more relevant in the whole chain and not only in the raw material, upstream, part where we have traditionally been strongest. If we can apply a “holistic” approach, then we increase the value for all and become more “vital”.  We need to work together with other associations and take on projects that are relevant to our industry today. This way we can demonstrate and share our knowledge to become an important influencer as an association.’

3)    How do you motivate the board and committee members to achieve this and what role does Lejeune play in this?

 Paul Kelly: ‘That’s a very good question. Mostly, the RadTech members have their own motivation, but not every member has the same motivation. It is important that the members feel that we are tackling the most relevant issues, and that they can play an active role. We made the decision to move from six fixed committees to dynamic working groups, which form as and when required. These working groups are formed when there is an activity or a project to fulfil in reference to a current objective or research. They respond to the very latest events and changes.

For example, we formed a group for a project in recycling and de-inking. This group was open for all members to join and aims to produce objective new research to answer questions relating to environmental considerations in printed packaging.

We also look at what changes in regulations are coming up and if some lobbying is needed. Lejeune is doing a great job for us. Being on the board, or a workgroup member is a voluntary job. Lejeune does all the organising work that everybody says they don’t have the time for, but is essential to keep this operation running. For example, all the internal and external communication, organising board and committee meetings but also the conferences like the upcoming online RTE Conference & Exhibition 2021 in October. We work fot many competing member companies, so it’s good to have a neutral party to oversee this work. But also one that advises and executes in new strategies.’

By Ria Luitjes



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Upcoming event for RadTech Europe: Fast forward - technology for the new future

The online RTE Conference & Exhibition 2021 on 19-20 October 2021

Members can participate digitally from anywhere in the world and  experience the event as though they were there in-person! The virtual platform not only facilitates online presentations, discussions and workshops, but also lets members connect with speakers, participants and sponsors/exhibitors via chat or video. Like in real life events members leave the event with new contacts, relevant insights and valuable material.







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