Change of directorship for sector associations FNOI and MRF

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Hans Koning and Lennert Vermaat are turning the tables.

Hans Koning will hand over the directorship to Lennert Vermaat after 17 years as director of the Dutch Metal Recycling Federation (MRF), on 1 January 2024. At the MRF's general membership meeting held in november 2023 members unanimously approved the appointment of Lennert Vermaat as the new director.

On 1 January 2024, Hans Koning will also step down as director of the Dutch Federation of Recovered Paper Industry (FNOI). For FNOI, he will then have been a director for 27 years. On 6 December 2023 the FNOI members approved the appointment of Lennert Vermaat as the new director. 

Hans Koning's vast knowledge and experience will not be lost. He will remain active as an advisor to our associations in the coming years.

We turn the tables

Lennert Vermaat has now been working at Lejeune for the MRF and FNOI sector associations for three years. In 2020, Hans Koning asked him to join Lejeune. Koning: 'I had known Lennert for some time, had seen him at work at the Dutch Waste Management Association (VA). Lennert is not only excellent in terms of content, he is also a connector and ambitious. I outlined to Lennert the perspective of the directorship, giving him a rough timeframe.' As far as Koning is concerned, Vermaat has proven he has the capabilities and drive to lead both MRF and the FNOI. 'Lennert is ready for it!'

'It is also in line with the ambition of both sector associations to rejuvenate their board and remain representative. It is important that the board also grows along with this.' Lennert is happy with the more or less natural transition. 'Over the past few years, I got to know the sectors and their challenges very well. Hans prepared me for the job. Now we can turn the tables. It is very nice that we will continue to work together in a similar way in the coming years.'

Within Lejeune, Lennert is also active for the VHT (Textile Recovery Association) and the NRF (National Recycling Forum). His work and role for these organisations remains unchanged.

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