Launch of the Lejeune Sustainability Matrix

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Are you ready to move from sustainable thinking to ACTION within your trade association? Lejeune Association Management proudly introduces the Lejeune Sustainability Matrix – The policy tool for your organisation in the sustainable transition.

Why the Sustainability Matrix?

  • Tailored for Trade Associations: Specially developed to support industry organisations in their unique sustainability journey.
  • Practical and Action-Oriented: From the 17 SDGs with 169 sub-targets to a few relevant actions for your sector.
  • From Theory to Practice: Receive a customised report with concrete project ideas and action plans.
  • Stronger Together: Benefit from our expertise in collective collaboration and strategic project development.

How does it work?

  1. Selection: A pre-selection made so you can focus on what really counts for your sector.
  2. Screening: An easy online form guides you through the evaluation.
  3. Report: Gain insights into relevant sub-targets and inspiration for projects.
  4. Project Development & Implementation: Together, we turn ideas into action, with support at every step.

Visit our special website page and watch the video:

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