The Partner for Industry Associations in Sustainable Transition

The Partner for Industry Associations in Sustainable Transition

At Lejeune, we understand the crucial role that industry associations play in the sustainable transition of sectors. These organisations serve as the platform for sector-wide efforts to address the challenges of sustainability. With our specific knowledge and expertise in the field of collective collaboration, we are the partner for Industry associations wanting to contribute to a sustainable future.

The role of Industry Associations in sustainable transition

The global emphasis on a balance between growth, prosperity, wellbeing, and environment has led to ambitious international agreements, such as the Paris Agreement, the EU Green Deal, and the National Circular Economy Programme 2030 in the Netherlands. These agreements call for a translation at the sector level through collective action via Industry associations.

Recent developments in European competition law have expanded the possibilities for Industry associations to act as pre-competitive platforms where members collaborate on sustainability projects. Lejeune plays an active role in this transformation by facilitating strategic collaboration and project development focused on sustainability.

From Sustainable Thinking to ACTION

Our approach is practical and results-oriented. Under the motto 'From Sustainable Thinking to ACTION', we have developed a tool that assists organisations in implementing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Lejeune Sustainability Matrix

The core of our approach is the Lejeune Sustainability Matrix. This tool is designed to support Industry associations in understanding and applying sustainability tailored to their sector. By distilling the 169 sub-goals of the SDGs into a few relevant sub-goals, the matrix provides a clear and action-oriented framework.

How Does It Work?

Selection: We have already filtered the 17 SDGs with 169 sub-goals into a few relevant sub-goals for Industry associations. Screening: An online form assists in evaluating these sub-goals from different perspectives within your sector. Report: You receive a customised report with relevant sub-goals and project ideas. Project Development: This report serves as the basis for developing concrete projects together with our advisors. Implementation: We support in finding the right partners and prioritising actions to realise these projects. Become active in sustainability with Lejeune.

Ready to get started with sustainability within your Industry association? Then contact Our team of experts is ready to explore the possibilities for a more sustainable future within your sector together with you.

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