Management Policy & Advice

There’s plenty involved where managing a trade association is concerned. As your association’s management team, you will regularly receive questions you won’t instantly know the answer to. Questions about laws and regulations, dealing with changes as a result of social, market and/or technology developments. There will undoubtedly be practical questions too, such as: ‘How can I investigate member satisfaction’, or ‘how do we approach the preparation of a policy plan’ are a couple of the common ones.

We provide directors with advice in these areas. We will actively think along with you and facilitate with useful models, methods and concepts. We will contribute to solutions for difficult issues and complex management problems which you may need to deal with.

Our focus is on long-term management and advice, but we also offer professional solutions for ad-hoc situations, or we can be used for short-term projects. We will make sure the continuity of your association is not jeopardised by, for example, a reorganisation, management succession, resolving a crisis or managing a change project. We can instantly fill a difficult (management) position on an ad-interim basis, with professionals of the highest level.