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3 questions for EuroFM President Natalie Hofman
EuroFM is a network that advocates for the field of Facility Management at the European level. This
TLN and Lejeune renew cooperation PayChecked in Transport
Pieter Kievit and Jules Lejeune sign the agreement between ‘Transport & Logistiek Nederland’ (T
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Blog Jules Lejeune: Letter to posterity
At the Lejeune Branch Day 2023 on 30 March last, the documentary 'The Decade of Action' was screened in which politicians, corporate CEOs and scientists give their views on the role the private sector can play in reducing our impact on the climate. In the film, they are asked to write a letter to their great-grandchildren and read pieces from it.
Our clients
IGC Global Promotions
ILP - International Licensing Platform Vegetable
KARTOFLEX - Royal Association for the Dutch manufacturers of cardboard- and flexible packaging
EuroFM - European Facility Management Network
EMPHA - European Manufacturers Paper Honeycombcore Association
EFTA - European Flexographic Technical Association - Benelux
RADTECH - European Association for the Advancement of Radiation Curing by UV, EB and Laser Beams
Afera - European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry
GMH - Code of Medical Devices