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Registration for the Mans Lejeune Award is now open!!

We cordially invite all sector associations to participate in the prestigious Mans Lejeune Award 2024.



The Mans Lejeune Award, named after our founder, is more than a prize; it is a recognition of innovative collaboration and sustainable development within the sector. This year, we are focusing on associations that have played a pioneering role in sustainability, driven by the EU Green Deal and the increasing call for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With four carefully selected criteria, we aim to honour the associations that have paved the way forward with their vision, commitment, operational collaboration, and transparent reporting.

Why Participate

  • Be in the spotlight during our anniversary event on 31 October 2024, where the winner of the Mans Lejeune Award 2024 will be announced.
  • Receive recognition for your project's contribution to the success of the sector association.
  • Share the quality of the work your team has performed for the membership.
  • Show appreciation for the dedication and achievements of your members and volunteers.
  • Enhance your sector association's brand and reputation with an excellent PR opportunity: enjoy benefits that extend beyond just a place on the podium during the congress. Gain free publicity through a press release, a video (for the finalists), newsletters, social media, an article in the professional magazine Association
  • Management, and a special anniversary magazine. This content is free to use for communication to your own audience and members

Why the Mans Lejeune Award?

The Mans Lejeune Award was established to commemorate our 50th anniversary. It is a tribute to the founder and namesake of the family business who, in 1964 as a personal assistant to KVP politician Pieter Blaisse (one of the first MEPs, responsible for the Internal Market dossier), made the transition to the business world to help organise it at the sector level in post-war Europe. With the award, we aimed (and aim) to highlight and reward examples of successful collaboration at the (sector) association level. The previous Mans Lejeune Award was won by Thuiswinkel.org.

The Mans Lejeune Award 2024

In 2024, CSR and sustainability are central themes. Last year, under the motto 'From sustainable thinking to DOING', we already paid attention to this theme during our Lejeune Sector Day. This year, therefore, with the Mans Lejeune Award, we want to crown (sector) associations that have played/filled a special role in the field of sustainability. For this, we have established four criteria: (you can also download the criteria below).

  • Vision and strategy: what is the vision, what impact is aimed for, and how does it relate to the context of the association?
  • Engagement, decision-making, and communication: how is the membership mobilised and how effective is the storytelling?
  • Operational collaboration and partnerships: how effectively has the association organised collaboration at the sector level and between associations?
  • Impact: how has the project tangibly contributed to the improvement of life satisfaction for
    involved individuals or communities?

Don't miss this opportunity to be rewarded for your sector association's special contribution to sustainable projects and make history with us in the anniversary year of Lejeune Association Management.


For the judging of the Mans Lejeune Award 2024, we have found five distinguished professionals willing to lend their expertise. Each jury member brings a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to the judging table. Their assessment is a quest for associations that not only excel in their commitment to CSR and sustainability but also serve as an example for the entire sector.

Paul de Ruijter, De Ruijter Strategy
Cécile Veldman, De Nederlandse Associatie (DNA) - The Dutch Association
Bart Lombaerts, Content marketer Spyke and  co-producent ‘The Decade of Action’
Michel Scholte, CSRD-Academy, Impact Institute/True Price

As the founder of Thuiswinkel.org (winner of the Mans Lejeune Award 2014) Wijnand Jongen will bring his knowledge and experience to the jury as an independent chair.

Want to know more about the jury members? Listen to the interviews on our website (in Dutch with subtitles). And on this page, you will find the 7 characteristics of industry and professional organizations that are leading the way in change.


    • 3 April: registration opens
    • 26 August Mans Lejeune Award registration deadline
    • 29 August jury deliberation
    • 15 September: start of nomination announcements and video recordings with finalists
    • 1 October: announcement of the finalists
    • 31 October from 1:30 PM, Madurodam The Hague: Lejeune anniversary congress and Mans Lejeune Awards ceremony

Additional information

    • The nominations and the finalists are determined by the jury score.
    • There are no fees associated with participating in the Mans Lejeune Award.
    • The awards ceremony will take place on 31 October 2024 during the anniversary congress at Madurodam.
    • There are no fees associated with attending the awards ceremony.
    • Finalists will be invited to share their success story through a video recording arranged by us.

Register for the Mans Lejeune Award

  1. Download the registration form: Click the left button below to download the registration form.
  2. Fill in the registration form: Answer the questions about the various criteria listed on the form.
  3. Register your organisation: This can be done in 3 steps using the button below:
    a. Fill in the requested contact details.
    b. Upload the completed registration form.
    c. Upload supporting evidence and/or attachments.

Make sure you fill in all the requested information carefully and completely to increase your chances of winning the award!

Downloading the registration form with criteria, nominating an organisation, or contact? Click on one of the buttons.


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